Bathroom Painting: Painting Tips to Follow and Mistakes to Avoid

Painting, in general, is an impactful task. Whether you apply it in your kitchen or your bathroom, it makes the same value-increasing impact. However, what if you are doing it wrong?  

To keep your bathroom painting or any painting project successful, here are some things you should put in mind.   

1. Sheen, Gloss, Shiny  

We all want a shiny, glossy, or sheen wall. When we say that paint is a sheen, we are talking about how much gloss is present. When we say the paint is very sheen, we are about the paint as glossy or shiny. However, even if you opt for this finish, you need to keep in mind that a shiny or glossy finish does not help with imperfections and even enhances its appearance. So, if you are ever going for a shiny finish, make sure that you have prepped the surface properly to eliminate such imperfection as possible to highlight the sheen and not the imperfection on the surface. However, if your concern is bathroom painting, professionals suggest that you go for semi-gloss paint and not forget in priming the surface. This will ensure that you are free of problems with moisture, given that a bathroom is a place that is always exposed to water.   

2. Paint that lessens chances of mold growth  

Are you sure you have chosen the right paint to get rid of high chances of mold growth? Many people may not know this, but there are paint formulas that inhibit growth mold and mildew. When you have a smaller-scale bathroom, the issue of mold is more prominent. Thus, making sure you get the right paint will give you peace of mind in the coming years of usage. Through this, you can be assured that your bathroom is well protected from such problems.   

3. Necessary drying time  

When painting, we all know the necessity of the drying time in between coatings. This is usually done by letting it dry itself or having a fan make the drying time shorter. However, when it comes to bathroom painting, you should consider drying time more and more. Unlike your usual drying time when you paint your walls in the living area, the bathroom requires more time to dry. To make sure you don’t spend more days on this process of remodeling your bathroom, you need to allow air in by leaving the door open or the Windows too. Through owing this, you are less at risk of mold growth because you are getting rid of any dampness available.   

In having a project at one, it is normal to be excited about the outcome. Often this excitement ruins the project because tasks such as painting are done in a rush. When you do a painting task, you do it gradually and have ample time for drying in between coatings. However, if you want a flawless outcome, call in the help of professionals. Bathroom Remodel Charlotte NC provides bathroom painting services just for you. They are experts in the field of painting, especially in painting bathrooms. By relying on them, you will surely have the outcome you want. Visit and get their help today. 

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