How Does a Restaurant Fire Suppression System Work?

A commercial kitchen presents one of the biggest threats of fires. It is filled with high-heat and industrial tools that frequently come into contact with grease and cooking oils. These things pose a huge fire risk. Protecting your kitchen equipment and employees is important. However, it can be difficult. Luckily, restaurant fire suppression systems can help.  

A restaurant fire suppression system offers an efficient and safe solution to your kitchen. It can extinguish any fire threat quickly. It even aims directly at the source of the fire.  

If you’re a new commercial kitchen owner and you’re planning to have a fire suppression systems installation Charlotte NC done, here are several things you should know about it: 

How Does It Work? 

During a fire, a restaurant fire suppression system will work just like this: 

  • It will turn off the gas line automatically if the system is tripped. Because of this, the fire will be deprived of fuel.  
  • Even after the gas has been cut off, a lot of kitchen fires can keep on burning and spreading. One example is a grease fire. Because of this, restaurant fire suppression systems have another useful feature. It has several nozzles installed in the hood of your preparation area.  
  • When the nozzles are tripped, they will release a wet chemical fire suppressant. This suppressant is specifically made to stop grease fires and stop them from igniting again. 
  • Lastly, the kitchen hood will turn on automatically to get rid of the smoke from the kitchen.  

When properly installed, these systems are very efficient, they can get rid of any type of fire within seconds. The efficiency of this system is important to guarantee that the fire does not spread. It helps protect your property and your employees.  

Basic Parts of Fire Suppression System 

Though there are a couple of restaurant fire suppression systems available, all of them feature a lot of similar basic parts to protect your kitchen during a fire. Almost every restaurant fire suppression system is linked to your cooking area in two main spots: 

  • The gas line running through your cooking area 
  • The hood over the cooking area 

When Should You Install One? 

For any form of a commercial kitchen, a restaurant fire suppression is crucial. This includes an even stadium, a seasonal kitchen, a hospital kitchen, or a traditional sit-down restaurant. Kitchen fires are dangerous and quick. They can burn out quickly. Because of this, you need to protect your cooking area with the right restaurant fire suppression system. 

How Do I Maintain It? 

The system in your kitchen will need some routine maintenance, just like any other system. You should generally have your restaurant fire suppression system serviced and examined at least twice a year. You should also update it every time you’re doing something with your cooking line.  

In addition to that, it is also crucial to regularly clean your kitchen hood. This will guarantee that your restaurant fire suppression system is capable of doing its job as it is intended.